TEDxIdahoFalls Announces Speaker Panel

The speakers were selected from a pool of 23 potential presenters who had applied and/or been recruited. We are extremely pleased with the caliber of presenters we’ll have at the event and are looking forward to the opportunity to hear exciting ideas on a variety of subjects.

Also, the application process for attendees has been closed and there is no more seating available.  Interested parties are urged to watch the livestream on www.TEDxIdahoFalls.com on the night of the event.

2015 Speaker Panel

 Kristie Scott                          Creating quintessential sensoryscapes

David Pennock                     Community dialogue, Galileo, and the powerful potential of museums

Joo Yang                                The price of love and freedom

Rita Foster                             Power internet

Michelle Ziel-Dingman       Love > Fear

Fahim Rahim, MD FASN  How to trap an alien

Aaron Turner                        It doesn’t matter where you came from, it’s where you’re going

Janet Allen                            Rebounding from bad outcomes: A formula for resilience

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