2018 Speakers

Karen E. Baker

Museum Director
The Power of Totality: Eclipse Moments

Karen E. Baker loves taking visions and bringing them to life through sound strategy development. Currently, she is applying her 30+ years of diverse leadership experience in the corporate and non-profit worlds as the Executive Director of the Museum of Idaho here in Idaho Falls. A self-professed museum nerd, she sees her primary role as driving thoughtful collaboration and pulling diverse threads of opportunity into a coherent whole.

Recently, she completed a $3.9 million capital campaign to almost double the size of the museum. During this time, she repositioned the Museum of Idaho as the region’s premier informal education center and led a team of consummate professionals to fulfill a vision of bringing the world to Idaho and Idaho to the world. As part of that, she is now leading the creation of an extensive new exhibit called The Way Out West, which will immerse visitors in the dynamic, multifaceted story of Idaho past and present – a story she believes Idahoans have too-often allowed outsiders to write.

In addition to her work at the museum, Karen serves on the Board of Directors for the Idaho Nonprofit Center and the Idaho Falls Historic Downtown Foundation. She has also served on several other boards in Colorado and Washington. In her spare time, she enjoys reading and painting. She lives in Idaho Falls with her husband and two dogs. Her 3 adult children are perusing their passions and making their own marks on the world.

Karen holds a BS in Economics and Finance from the University of Colorado with graduate work in Leadership.

Amanda Byrd

Humanitarian, Teacher
Poverty: Where Does My Oxygen Mask Matter Most?

Amanda Byrd is a dreamer who can’t sit still. She is a teacher at Compass Academy, a freelance addiction counselor, a humanitarian, a mother, and a world traveler. She has two master’s degrees and longs to one day finally afford her PhD. She is a guest columnist for The Post Register and dreams of finishing her third novel. She spends her day always planning her next adventure.

Toni L. Carter

Inclusion & Diversity Strategy Director
Inclusive Diversity: The Game Changer

Toni L. Coleman Carter is the energetic Inclusion and Diversity (I/D) Strategy Director for Battelle Energy Alliance in Idaho Falls, Idaho. She’s a change champion who collaborates with BEA leaders to create an environment that empowers and engages others to achieve a competitive advantage. Further leveraging BEA’s talent platforms to enhance employee capabilities, build next generation leaders, and drive bottom-line results. She also partners as a consultant to create, develop, and oversee ID initiatives, while increasing inclusion awareness and providing governance for the inclusion leadership councils (ERGs).

Carter has seven years of combined governmental experience, which includes her time as the deputy mayor for the Village of Hanover Park. Prior to joining BEA – she spent 23 years in corporate America working for Motorola Solutions in Chicago, IL, a $6 billion dollar technology organization. Carter also spent time in the pharmaceutical and food service industries. She worked for K&B (Katz and Besthoff, now Rite-Aid) and Phar-Mor Pharmacies as a pharmacy technician and as a manager for McDonald’s and Taco Bell Corporations.

In April of 2007, Carter was elected as Hanover Park’s first black council member. Carter’s position at the Village allowed her to assist with the recruitment, selection, and appointment of department heads and to help create policy operation strategies. During this time, Carter founded the Village’s Cultural Inclusion and Diversity committee, the largest volunteer committee in the Village. After two years of confronting challenging opportunities, she became the Village’s first black deputy mayor.

In her position, Carter created a homeless prevention task force that focused on providing solutions to reduce the impact of the 2008-2010 economic crisis, preventing home foreclosures and providing transitional housing for residents. In 2008, she was appointed to Hanover Park’s Crime Prevention Task Force, a team that helped design crime prevention strategies and methodologies for the Village. The same year, Hanover Park named her Inclusion and Diversity Champion, and she received an Outstanding Leadership Award from Motorola’s Women’s Business Council.

In 2015, the National Diversity Council honored Toni with the Leadership Excellence Award for corporate inclusion, and she was named Inclusion and Diversity Champion of the Year by Diversity MBA. In 2013, the Illinois Commission on Diversity and Human Relations honored Carter with the Dr. King Workforce Inclusiveness and Community Activism award. The 2010 issue of Who’s Who in Black Chicago named her one of the most influential blacks in government. She is a member of the National Society for Human Resource Management, the Illinois Fox Valley SHRM Chapter, and the Delta Mu Delta International Honor Society in Business. She is a certified diversity practitioner and is pursuing certification as a senior professional in HR. She earned a bachelor’s and a master’s of science degree from Roosevelt University in Chicago.

Carter dedicates part of her life to helping people who have been abused. Her memoir, When Trouble Finds You, is being used as a tool of hope, inspiration, and education for others who may have suffered the way she did as a child. When Carter is not spending time with her family, she loves building community relationships and leveraging strategic partnerships. Her husband, Gary, spends his time training community leaders, and they have three wonderful children – Candes, John, and Taylor.

Heather Falter

Artist & Art Instructor
How I Found Emotional Healing Through Honest Creativity

Heather grew up as a middle child in West Point City, Utah. She has two older sisters and two younger brothers, whom she adores.  One of her greatest desires in life is to make her parents proud.  She moved out of their home at the young age of 15 and it has kind of been a trademark in her life to believe that she can do anything she sets her mind to. She went to massage school at the age of 17 and has practiced Massage Therapy for the last 10 years. 

Creating art has always been a hobby for her, and she spent most of her younger years drawing and painting at the request of others. She enjoyed doing sentimental portraiture for friends and family when a loved one passed away. Although she enjoyed it,  she concerned herself mostly with the fear of ‘what others would think of her art’ and it wasn’t until a few years ago, one pivotal night changed it all for her. Afterward, she decided to give up her career in Massage Therapy and to pursue her dreams in sharing more honest work with the world. She now creates full time and teaches Art to students of all ages. She is an entrepreneur and owner of the SoulArt School where she currently teaches in her home and online.

Timothy Graham

Director of Diabetes & Endocrinology
The War on [Cancer] Obesity

Tim Graham MD is a Harvard-trained Endocrinologist and clinical expert in treating obesity and diabetes. He is also a laboratory scientist with over 20 years research experience studying the genetic and molecular underpinnings of diseases such as diabetes and cancer. He currently serves as Chief Scientific Officer of Progenitor Life Sciences, an innovative biotech/pharma start-up working to develop genetically engineered immune cells to treat common forms of cancer that don’t respond well to traditional therapies. His clinical background and cancer research have afforded unique insight into the biology and intersections that exist between adipose tissue and cancer.

Tauscha Johanson

Author, Entrepreneur
#OCD: Starving the Monster

People have questioned Tauscha Johanson’s unconventional approach to life since college where she studied zoology, pre-medicine, then re-directed her attention to her family instead of going to medical school. Obstacles and negative opinions didn’t sway her when she fought to get treatment for her daughter’s OCD, rose to leadership in pharmaceuticals, or chose a risky, but tremendously successful career in direct sales.

What’s not in question is whether she knows how to lift, edify, and teach to empower others.

Tauscha’s biggest concern is making a difference and having a positive impact on the lives of others – beginning with her family. Her faith and her family are the most important things in her life. Tell her she shouldn’t do something significant and she’ll show you the Righteous Rebel who can!

Tod Krumenacker

Runner, Bank Auditor
What I Heard from the Echoes in the Heart of Canyon de Chelly

“It’s better to look up.” Is Tod Krumenacker’s motto and he believes in the power of trying to maintain a positive and optimistic outlook through life’s challenges.  

All throughout his childhood Tod Krumenacker dreamt of becoming a magician, but after failing many times to find a rabbit in any of his hats, he changed his plans. Tod earned his Bachelors Degree in Accounting from Western Governors University and his MBA from Idaho State University and is an internal auditor for Glacier Bancorp where he works with Citizens Community Bank. 

Tod has an amazing family with six children ranging from two years old to eleven years old and has been married to his wonderful wife Leah for twelve years. 

About 5 years ago Tod started running, and what started as a way to get into shape has become a passion which he loves to utilize to help others whether through organizing running fundraisers or through being an ambassador for the Charity Miles app.

His other hobby is photography and he often combines these two by carrying his camera with him while running and trying to capture those overlooked and beautiful things that are often missed as we go rushing about our busy lives.

It’s Tod’s belief, that just like he’s learned from his photography and running, that as we go throughout our daily lives, if we move too fast, we miss out on things. But if we slow down, and take a look around, we will notice those overlooked and beautiful human interactions that we often pass by. 

Logan McDougall

Public Information Officer
How Designing a Flag Defined Pocatello

Logan McDougall is the Public Information Officer and Video Services Director for the City of Pocatello. In these roles, he is responsible for serving as a spokesperson for the City, helping direct the City’s public relations and marketing efforts, advising City leaders concerning media relations, and administering the operations of Pocatello Community Media, the City’s government, public and educational access channels. While at the City, he chaired the Flag Design Ad-Hoc Committee. The group led the worldwide effort to raise a new flag for Pocatello after a 2015 TED talk called out the city for having the “worst city flag in North America.” He also serves as a committee member with the Kind Community organization.

Prior to working for the City, Logan was a Social Media Manager at Stuart’s Media Group and Anchor/Producer as well as Multimedia Journalist for KPVI News 6.

Personally, Logan enjoys spending time with his wife, Lisa, and their two daughters, Addie and Cameron. He likes to hike, mountain bike, fish, and play the occasional game of hockey. He also enjoys reading a good non-fiction book, strumming a bass guitar, playing video games, and lifting weights with headphones cranked to 11, blaring almost any type of heavy metal.

Craig Oborn

Human Connection Revolutionary
Creating authentic connections one question at a time

Craig Oborn is founder and CEO of Connect52, “Transforming families one engaging question and shared vulnerable answer at a time.” Connect52 was born from a combination of his diverse personal and professional background.

Craig has embraced the Benjamin Franklin quote, “nothing ventured, nothing gained” venturing to start a t-shirt company, convenience store, and food magazine. Craig lives life with an entrepreneurial curiosity, and a desire to leave the world a better place than he found it.

He became a mediator not to mediate divorce but instead to mediate marriages. It was his use of his mediation skill set, that inspired the creation of Connect52 when he asked, “what would my life be like if I were authentically connected to my family?” 52 questions and one year later an empathic connection was formed from the vulnerably shared answers. His family transformation is creating a Revolution in Human Connection.

Craig is a sought-out speaker and business consultant, connecting companies to their tribe and creating new authentic company culture. Craig is partner in a mortgage business, The Olsen & Oborn Team connecting REALTORS to their brand, marketing and clients. As humans, we are all in the people business.

Ken Simpson

Cyclist, Financial Advisor
The Trans Am Bike Race – Experiencing a Parallel Universe

Ken grew up in Idaho Falls and because of his love for the great outdoors, moved back in 1992 to raise his family here. He is a Certified Public Accountant with both a bachelor’s and master’s degree in Accounting, and has earned his Personal Financial Specialist (PFS) certification with the AICPA. Ken spent 20 years providing consulting services to Wall Street firms and in 2005, co-founded Onyx Financial Advisors, LLC in Idaho Falls. Ken loves all kinds of adventures and got into long-distance cycling around 2010. Since then, he has cycled from Idaho Falls to the Arctic Ocean and to Key West, Florida, as well as across Europe and Iceland.

In 2016, Ken competed in the Trans America Bike Race. This is an amateur bicycle race across the United States and is the longest self-supported bike race in the world. It covers 4,300 miles coast-to-coast, which is almost twice as many miles as the Tour de France. Add to that the requirement of being self-supported, which means you are not allowed to have any support vehicles, or help from anyone outside of public services like gas stations, hotel, restaurants, and local bike shops that are available to all racers and the general public. The whole idea is . . . you are on your own.

When asked to describe the experience of competing in the Trans Am, Ken said “When you compete in a race where the clock never stops, day or night, for weeks on end until you finish the 4,300 mile route across the U.S., you have to understand that even though the physical challenge will be immense, the mental challenge will be overwhelming.” Ken describes this experience as living in the “Parallel Universe of the Trans Am Bike Race.”

Joshua Smith

Hobby Beekeeper, Teacher
The Zen of Beekeeping…ish

When I first became a hobby beekeeper five years ago, I didn’t turn off my cell phone before tending the bees. Now I always turn it off.

The phone vibrations agitate them. Calls, texts, and Facebook notifications disrupt them. They become defensive, raise their abdomens. Some of the bees bounce off the face veil. At least that was my experience. Now I turn off the phone.

Even if I did receive a text while beekeeping, it’s not as though I could answer it, elbow deep in a hive full of honey. I’m completely absorbed with the bees. Keeping bees absorbs my mind, my senses. The hive obligates me to think about my breathing and movements. Slow myself.

I like to think that this engagement in the present extends to other areas of my life: marriage, my role as a father of four children. I also teach math at Hillcrest High School.

Stephanie Taylor-Silva

Survivor, Mentor
Post-Prison Mentoring: Breaking Chains, Saving Lives

Stephanie Taylor-Silva is resident of Idaho Falls, Idaho. She is in long term recovery from methamphetamine and cocaine addiction. She is a survivor of childhood abuse and neglect, sexual assault, attempted murder and human trafficking and thyroid cancer.

Stephanie started using methamphetamine and cocaine at age 14 and was charged with her first drug trafficking charges at the age of 19. She struggled with a severe drug addiction until she was sent to prison in 2010.

She credits the Idaho Department of Correction for saving her life. She successfully completed her prison sentence and then completed her supervision early by 10 years. Under the guidance of her probation and parole, Stephanie entered into college at Idaho State University and now has a college education in both Sociology and Criminology. She completed her Criminology internship with the Idaho Department of Correction in 2016.

Stephanie now works as an AmeriCorps VISTA for the Idaho Department of Correction Free2Succeed Community Mentor Program–the very office that once supervised her for so many years; A position which she loves dearly. Stephanie also works as Certified Peer Support Specialist, Certified Family Support Partner and Certified Recovery Coach at Human Dynamics and Diagnostics in Idaho Falls, Idaho–The same place she received intensive outpatient treatment after her release from prison.

Stephanie has received numerous awards, community and state nominations including but not limited to the Idaho Meth Project Mission Ambassador Award and Idaho Division of Behavioral Health Regional Advocate for Recovery Award. Stephanie has been a keynote speaker for numerous recovery and prevention events. She is an active volunteer for the Idaho Meth Project, Truth 208 and the Suicide Prevention Action Network of Idaho. She is a graduate of the Idaho Citizens Law Academy.

She also assists in helping human trafficking and domestic violence survivors relocate and get the resources they need. Stephanie has been a mentor to numerous offenders, helping them build successful recoveries and supervisions within the Idaho Department of Correction. Stephanie recently received both a pardon in Idaho and Montana.

She is passionate about corrections, offender reentry, mentoring and recovery. In her free time, Stephanie enjoys spending time with her husband, family and two dogs.