2017 Speakers

Steven Hatch

Coach and Visionary
Something even more terrible than dying

Early on, life consists of fulfilling needs and later transitions to quenching wants, neither of which is truly satisfying. To live a truly rewarding life, we must elevate our aim and do more – not for ourselves, but for others.

Jeff Peterson

Software Engineer
The Internet is Broken

Today’s broadband networks don’t give you the ability to choose how, when, and where you use their services. We can lament that the “internet” isn’t all that we want it to be, or we can change it. Let’s change it.

Tammy Lane Guffey

Kindness Advocate
Put the “pre” in Appreciation

Thank you for your attention. We live in a post-appreciation world, and consequently we withhold and subdue our kindness. What if we replaced post-appreciation with pre-appreciation? We could ignite an era of unprecedented generosity and cooperation. Will you join me?

Craig Green

Why Listening Matters

There has never been in a shortage of innovative and creative artists. Today is no different. Yet what we need now, more than ever, is a greater abundance of creative and active listeners. Music was meant to be heard, felt, and connected to. Let it start now.

Leslie Stewart

Counseling Professor
What is your pet telling you?

The human-animal bond has proven biological, psychological, and social effects – some that people recognize and some that people don’t. Knowing more about what your pet sees and feels within you can help you heal and be more healthy. It’s time to find out what your pet is telling you.

Daniel Borup

Imagined Natural Suckage

We tend to think we suck. We really don’t. We’re just learning. Give yourself a little more credit and allow yourself to learn to be more creative. You’ll be glad you did.

Karl Pettit

What’s for dinner?

This isn’t a talk about recipes or delicious food. It’s about a stark reality: Hunger, right here in our seemingly affluent community. Familiar faces may be facing unfamiliar challenges while you know nothing of it. We can ignore it, or confront it. The choice is yours.

Ali Goljahmofrad

The Epidemic You