2016 Speakers

Obert Skye

The magic of revision

Writing is a process. Revision is the magic in the process. It’s what breathes energy into an otherwise lifeless body of words. When you write knowing that you can undo or change everything if you desire, that’s precisely what invites an unlimited level of creativity.

Roger Plothow

Journalism as antidote

The ubiquity of information is a multi-edged sword that is more likely to kill or maim than it is to keep the peace. Journalism is in peril, and consequently, so is an informed citizenry. It’s time for people to demand better of their news media, and it starts with you.

Robert Podgorney

Director, Snake River Geothermal Consortium
We’re sitting on the sun

The bulk of efforts allocated to research in alternative energy looks to a source that only shines part of the day, while we are sitting on a huge opportunity that never sets. Geothermal energy technologies can get a boost from an unlikely source. It’s time you hear about it.

Ann Washburn

Body Language Expert
Body Language: The key to your subconscious

How we hold our body both demonstrates and determines who we are and our level of success. What are you telling people about yourself? Or worse, what are you telling your self about yourself?

Marjanna Hulet

Founder, Pocatello Community Charter School
Curriculum conviction: Why passion matters most in education

The debate about our education system has centered around curriculum, so it would make sense that curriculum is the most significant factor in school success, except it’s not. What if the critical factor in education were not the curriculum, but what we believe about it? It is.

Mashaal Hijazi

KISU FM Radio Host and Student at Idaho State University
The modern maze of cultural identification

Defining one’s cultural identity in a generation of instant gratification, illogical racism, and influence from the media filled with ethnocentrism isn’t particularly easy. How do we define who we are when we live in a world which wants to take clues from our physical characteristics, accents, and dress and create an identity for us before we ever get a chance to? When do I get to be my own version of me?

Garth Smelser

Forest Supervisor, Caribou-Targhee National Forest
Unplug & reconnect: Propelling our children toward a nature-rich future

Before we expect our children to care for the world which sustains us, we must first inspire them to connect with and love it. When children’s connections with the natural world are broken, they suffer physically, intellectually, emotionally, and socially. Studies from around the globe reveal the physical and emotional impacts on today’s increasingly sedentary and digitally focused youth. The same research offers much needed hope regarding nature’s capacity for renewal, discovery, and overall well-being.

Alan E. Barber II

Scientist, software engineer, and entrepreneur
Humans: Some assembly required

When you break down the assembly of the human body to the cellular level, you discover that even the individual is a community – trillions of cells combine to create the human body, and they do so in a magical rhythm and cadence of a series of five decisions. It is that series of cellular decisions which creates the human life

L.J. Krumenacker

Doctoral candidate at Montana State University
Unearthing Idaho dinosaurs: You only see what you’re looking for

For the better part of the past century, dinosaur bones were discovered all over the globe while Idaho remained almost entirely dinosaur barren. The lack of known fossils wasn’t because dinosaurs weren’t here – it’s because of what was being looked for . The relative abundance of Idaho dinosaurs found in the past decade are evidence to the reality that you only see what you’re looking for.

Cameron C. Taylor

Author, Entrepreneur, Philanthropist
You can innovate like Philo T. Farnsworth

Innovation is not something that happens in a lab. It’s something that happens in a mind – or better yet, between several minds. The story of Philo T. Farnsworth, the farm boy inventor who is credited with creating the modern television tells us exactly that, and more, it tells us that every one of us is capable of novel creation.

Jacob DeLaRosa

Inventor, Innovator, Coach, Heart Surgeon
Take two smiles and call me in the morning

Healing of the mind, the heart, and any part of the body starts much earlier than in treatment – it starts in the diagnosis. First contact between doctor and patient is as critical to successful treatment as any other part of the process. If we are capable of wirelessly transferring information between machines, doesn’t it also stand to reason that humans can be capable of sharing energy?

Valerie Hall

Certified Professional Midwife
We are all midwives

The Midwife Model of Care provides a template for dealing with people in a way which empowers them to “bring forth” their best. We don’t all assist at births but we can all know the satisfaction of helping others achieve their own victories. In the process we can see greater productivity with less stress.