2019 Event Schedule

TEDxIdahoFalls will be held on Saturday, March 9, 2019 at the Performing Arts Center at Thunder Ridge High School.

  • 2:00pm - Doors Open

    Preshow Music with Elyjah Tribe featuring Nichelle Moonshadow

  • What is TEDx & Opening Remarks by Brad Christensen

  • Charity Haderlie - Connection: The Language of Humanity

    In our global world it’s more important than ever to connect across cultures. But what makes it so difficult? How can we bridge this gap and shift the way we see others in order to strengthen the cause for humanity?

  • Kerry Buxton - Three Words That Changed My World

    Everyday we are faced with challenges. How we face them can be daunting if we allow them to overpower us. What if we could take back control? What if we could do one thing that could empower us, and put us back in charge? Kerry Buxton shares how he was able to overcome a blow to his dreams, and shares how a simple task has helped him to take charge of his life again.

  • Todd Kelson - Unearthing Scientific Discovery in Your Own Backyard

    As a teacher in STEM, I am troubled that we are losing some of the brightest scientific minds to non-scientific careers, in part because of the way science classes are being taught. I have found a teaching solution that will increase STEM retention while simultaneously finding an answer to a global healthcare problem. Learn how you can be part of the answer!

  • Video

  • Bruce Kusch - Students in Control: Learning for the ‘Prove It” Economy

    Today’s college graduates will change jobs 10 to 15 times during their working lives, and many of those changes will be to jobs in industries that haven’t even been thought of yet. But is college doing a good job of preparing students to be tomorrow’s employees? Most employers think not. If that’s the case, could there be a better way? Bruce Kusch thinks so and will share an innovative model for solving this challenge at our upcoming TEDxIdahoFalls event on March 9, 2019.

  • Wendy Pratt - Grazing to Heal the Earth

    Everyone wants a healthy planet, but with increasing concerns around the loss of species, recurring wildfires, soil degradation and climate change, what can any one individual do to make a difference? Through one rancher’s experience with the age-old relationship of grazing animals and grassland ecosystems, learn how we can utilize the planet’s naturally occurring cycles to help heal our world.

  • Patrick Toussaint - An important lesson from a black son of a nun

    As a nation we’ve come a long way in achieving racial equality. Electing a Black president of the United States, who has served two terms, is clear proof of that. Despite this, stereotypes abound. For example, young black males have been the victims of incorrect judgment and unnecessary police brutality. What if there’s a way to positively change how we perceive someone of a different race or cultural background? Patrick Toussaint has found a unique point of view and he’s going to share it at our upcoming TEDxIdahoFalls event on March 9, 2019.

  • 30 Minute Intermission

    Light Snacks

  • Video

  • Billie Johnson - My Udderly Serious Life, Uncovering Courage in a Cow Suit

    Billie Johnson bought a cow suit for a college Halloween party. On a whim she wore that cow suit for a laugh with friends and then another. When it wore out, she bought a new cow suit. And then another. Now a successful engineer, Billie still wears a cow suit for fun and adventure – alone and in a herd. Her cow suits have steered her to places she never would have gone, moooved her to make friends she never would have made and been a cattle-ist for joy – like no “udder”.

  • Thomas Eiden - Sex is More Dangerous than Nuclear Power

    Nuclear power. Does the word “nuclear” evoke a negative image in your mind? Most Americans consider nuclear power to be dangerous because we’ve been bombarded for decades with messages by advocacy groups claiming that nuclear power is “an unacceptable risk to the environment and to humanity.” Thomas Eiden challenges the notion that nuclear power is an overarching threat to our lives and makes a compelling case to not fear the atom.

  • Lige Rose - Why You Need to Quit Trying to Succeed

    Looking back on his years of struggling to overcome an addiction to pornography, Lige came to realize how the use of a single word was an indicator of the real reason he was unable to achieve lasting success. And now, his experience working with clients as a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist has taught Lige just how much this word impacts everyone who uses it.

  • Video

  • Neal Larson - The Space Between 'Anger' and 'Publish' in an Age of Social Media

    Political discourse has always been contentious. In the age of social media, it seems to have become far more uncivil. Neal will discuss the key to restoring some level of civility to how we talk to each other, especially when it comes to politics.

  • Sheri Sanders - Why You Should NOT Shop in Pajamas

    Fashion habits elevate well-being, self worth, confidence and societal relationships. Lowering the dress standards of society produces symptoms of casual decline that negatively affect business, relationships and the community at large. How you dress does matter.

  • Jessica Hunter & Clellie Laws -
    Co-parenting, For The Good Of The Child

    Two mothers find themselves in a crossroads of one child’s life. Both asking with their hearts what is best for him, And leaving behind their own selfish feelings. They began a coparenting journey.

  • Closing Remarks

  • Approximately 7:30pm - Optional Post-Event Dinner

    This post-event dinner following our speaking event is a great way to continue the great conversations and sharing of ideas with other attendees and speakers. Be sure to RSVP in advance with ticket registration as seats will be limited to food on hand.