2014 Event Schedule

Feb 21st 5:30pm at EITC                       Welcome                          

Speaker        Chris Haskell             Blowing Up the Gradebook

Speaker        Victor Walker           Our Machines and the Stories We Tell Them

Video #1      Matt Ridley               When Ideas Have Sex

Speaker        Monica Bitrick         What’s Your Story : Creating You As A Brand

Speaker        Zane Schenk           The Cutting Edge

7:00pm                      Light Dinner

Speaker        George Brunt          The Value of Cheap Energy

Speaker        Don Miley                 Making Sci-Fi Sci-Fact: Nuclear Energy History and Perceptions

Video #2      Bastian Schaefer    A 3d-Printed Jumbo Jet?

Speaker        John Hart                The Life Cycle of Creative Movements

Speaker        Heidi Reeder            How Commitment Shapes Our Lives

Video #3      David Gallo             Underwater Astonishments

Speaker        Tyler Price                 The Importance of Failure

Speaker        Troy Chipps              Conquer Your Key Moments

9:30pm                      Closing